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Area baseball stars will be waiting by the phone as the MLB Draft runs June 3-5 in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Some mock drafts have brilliant UConn junior reliever Jacob Wallace of Methuen going in the second or third round.

North Andover High ace Sebastian Keane, who has committed to Northeastern, could go in the top five rounds. Senior outfielder Leon Paulino, who attended Lawrence High before transferring to Florida, was ranked among the top 100 high school seniors in a March story.The first day of the draft (rounds 1-2) will be broadcast by MLB Network. The remaining two days of the draft will be streamed on

Below is the list of local players who have been drafted. Any updates or corrections, e-mail [email protected]


2018: Steve Hajjar, p, Central, 21st round (635th), Milwaukee

2017: none

2016: Jansiel Rivera, Methuen/Dominican Republic, 22nd round, 657th pick, Seattle

2010-15: none

2009 | Michael Yastrzemski, outfield, Andover/St. John’s Prep, 36th round (1,098th pick)

2005-06 | Nobody

2004 | Phillips Academy/Bourne pitcher Adam Crabtree, 15th round (443rd), Anaheim Angels

2001-03 | Nobody

2000 | Brian Wilson, rhp, Londonderry, Cleveland Indians, 30th round (906th)

1999 | Doug Johnson, p, Pelham, N.H., Cleveland Indians, 45th round (1,353rd)

1996 | Bryan Welch, p, Central Catholic/Salem, N.H., Kansas City, 37th round (1,099th)

1995 | Jay Yennaco, p, Windham/Pinkerton, 3rd round Red Sox (74th other overall, highest ever for a local high schooler);

1994 | Nobody drafted

1993 | Sean DePaula, p, Derry/Cushing, 8th round Red Sox (219th) ….didn’t sign, went to Wake Forest for 3 years and drafted again

1987 | Steve Lemuth, of, Pentucket, 11th round (279th), Montreal

1981 | Dennis Livingston, p, North Reading, 5th round (113th), San Francisco

1976 | Larry Douglas, ss, Salem, N.H., 6th round (122nd), Detroit

1972 | Victor Sanchez, ss, Pentucket, 10th round (222nd), Milwaukee

1971 | Peter Quinlan, of, North Reading, 9th round (213th), Baltimore; Milton Holt, p, Phillips/Hawaii, 37th round (744th), St. Louis

1969 | Brian Blaney, p, Methuen, 30th round (695th), Pittsburgh

1968 | Mike Camuso, p, Central Catholic, 36th round (783rd), Boston

1966 | James Skovron, p, Pentucket, 35th round (668th), Pittsburgh


2018: Max Burt, SS, Northeastern/North Andover, 28th round (847th), Yankees

2017: none

2016: Dustin Hunt, Andover/Northeastern, 10th round, 307th pick, Houston; Tim Viehoff, Pinkerton/SNHU, 12th round, 357th pick, Seattle

2015: Frank Crinella, Merrimack, 39th round, Orioles

2014 none

2013 Mike Johnson of Georgetown, Brooks/Dartmouth, 14th round (No. 424), Dodgers; Mike Yastrzemski of Andover, Vanderbilt, 14th round (No. 429), Orioles; Zach Mathieu of Derry, Franklin Pierce, 16th round (No. 476), Mets; John Farrell of Andover, William & Mary, 21st round (No. 638), Rays; Eric Perrault, Salem/Keene State, undrafted free agent Arizona Diamondbacks; Merrimack senior pitcher/DH Joe Mantoni, 18th round (No. 555) by the Cincinnati

2012 UMass junior pitcher Dennis Torres of Lawrence/Central Catholic, 28th round (No. 852) by Orioles; Vanderbilt junior outfielder Mike Yastrzemski of Andover/St. John’s Prep, 30th round (No. 911) by Seattle;

2011 Jhiomar Veras of Methuen/Western Oklahoma State (15th round, 463rd pick, Florida); Ruben Sosa of Lawrence/Oklahoma City University (23rd round, 700th pick, Houston); Mike Hashem of North Andover/Fisher College (35th round, 1,076th pick, Atlanta),

2010 Ryan O’Rourke, Merrimack College, 13th round (405th), Minnesota Twins; Jim Wood, Trinity College/Windham, 47th round (1,422nd overall), by Seattle

2009 | David Wendt, C, Methuen/Dowling College, Tampa Bay Rays, 50th round (1,519th pick)

2008 – Terry Doyle, RHP, Salem/Boston College, White Sox, 37th round

2007 | Terry Doyle, RHP, Salem/Boston College, Los Angeles Dodgers, 21st round (656th pick); Billy Mottram, 3B, Haverhill/Dowling College, Chicago Cubs, 36th round (1,082nd pick)

2006 | Chris Anderson, Northern Essex sophomore/Portsmouth, N.H., Minnesota Twins, 18th round (546th); Tim Stronach, Haverhill/Whittier Tech, Worcester State junior pitcher, 22nd round (664th pick), N.Y. Mets; Mike Chambers, Londonderry, Franklin Pierce senior second baseman, 32nd round (973rd pick), Boston Red Sox

2005 | Nobody

2004 | Andover’s Kevin Shepard of Andover, BC pitcher, 30th round (902nd), Philadelphia Phillies; Pelham’s Derek Miller, UVM pitcher, 47th round (1,390th), Milwaukee Brewers; Haverhill’s Ryan Mooradian, Northern Essex pitcher, 48th round (1,429th), Arizona Diamondbacks

2003 | Haverhill’s Omar Pena, Northeastern infielder, 15th round (485th pick), St. Louis Cardinals; Brian Wilson of Londonderry, LSU pitcher, 24th round (723rd pick), San Francisco Giants; Buster Mottram, North Andover/UMass Lowell, catcher, 24th round (726rd pick), Arizona Diamondbacks

2002 | Doug Johnson, RHP, Pelham/Bryant Jr., Colorado Rockies, 5th round, 142nd pick

Jeff Mackor, C, Salem/BC Sr., Houston Astros, 15th round, 461st pick

2001 | Rollins senior pitcher Mark O’Sullivan of Andover, 25th round (749th), Anaheim Angels

2000 | Hugh Quattlebaum, 3b, Andover/Phillips Academy, Williams College, Detroit Tigers, 25th round (738th)

1999 | Colin Young, p, Fordham/West Newbury, 9th round (280th), Colorado Rockies

1998 | Carlos Pena, 1b, Haverhill/Northeastern, 1st round (10th pick), Texas Rangers; Zack Lush, North Andover/Brooks, Florida Tech, 46th round (1,368th), Baltimore Orioles

1997 | John Guilmet, p, Merrimack/North Andover, Detroit, 34th round (1,015th)

1996 | Sean DePaula, p, Derry/Cushing Academy, Wake Forest, 9th round (273rd), Cleveland Indians; John Guilmet, p, North Andover, Merrimack, 44th round (1,302nd), Chicago Cubs; Garrett Larkin, ss, Merrimack, 19th round (546th), Pittsburgh Pirates

1995 | Bill Batchelder, p, North Andover/UNH, 30th round (820th), Oakland; Jerry Parent, ss, Merrimack, 31st round (852nd), Milwaukee

1992 | Jim Thomforde, p, Phillips/Trinity, 13th round (354th), N.Y. Yankees

1991 | Peter Feeley, 3b, North Reading/ULowell, 18th round (478th), Detroit

1990 | Greg Coppeta, p, Methuen/Central/So. Maine, 9th round (231st), Detroit; Rob Carpentier, p, Andover/UNH, 26th round (688th), N.Y. Mets; George Evangelista, ss, G’town/Central/Merrimack, 47th round (1,192nd), Texas; Paul Matachun, 3b, Lawrence/Eastern Conn., 52nd round (1,285th), Texas

1989 | David Lavallee, 3b, Plaistow, N.H./Central/URI, 35th round (896th), Texas

1988 | Dean Borrelli, c, Salem, N.H./Central/UMass, 20th round (515th); Bob LeFebre, of, Lawrence/Miami Dade South CC/Fla. Southern, 75th round (1,433rd), Yankees

1987 | Bob LeFebre, of, Lawrence/Miami-Dade South CC, 10th round (259th), Philadelpha … didn’t sign

1985 | Dick Kiluk, of, Haverhill/CC, Northern Essex/ULowell, 19th round (476th), Pittsburgh; Buzz Franzen, Salem, N.H./Northern Essex/Curry, 26th round (661st), Cleveland

1984 | Dennis Livingston, North Reading/Oklahoma St., 1st round, (23rd), Dodgers (only first rounder ever in area history until Carlos Pena); Marty Reed, p, Timberlane/UTampa, 14th round (346th), California

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